a weekly series of on-line artist-talks held by the congregation of The New Media Lab of Alexandrinsky Theater, Institut français de Saint-Pétersbourg and Moscow gallery “Here at Taganka”.


Conceived during Focus program of the Chroniques Biennale (Marseille, 2020), it responds to the lockdown times in what comes to questions of artistic communication, presentation and representation. In course of regular colloquiums, Russian experimental artists and curators Anton Iakhontov and Andrey Bartenev together with French colleagues overview oeuvre of the latter, renewing and rearticulating concepts and practices of tools-and-art co-evolution. 



20.01.2021 / Episode 1

Rocio Berenguer


Rocio Berenguer is a transdisciplinary artist: choreographer, dancer, director, author, and playwright. She deploys her universe in creations where she explores the hybridization of forms (shows, performances, installations) between different disciplines (dance, theater, music) in relation to new media (video, artificial intelligence, digital, social networks). Her creative/research work revolves around the writing of arts/science projects where the dramaturgy of the work integrates new technologies as part of the writing process.


27.01.2021 / Episode 2 

Elise Morin 


Trained at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Central Saint Martins College in London, and the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts in Tokyo, Elise Morin was born in 1978. She lives and works in Paris. She develops an interdisciplinary practice rooted in ecological thinking that questions our relationship to the visible and to types of coexistence. The design and production processes generate collaborations with scientists, local communities, engineers, musicians and philosophers. The choice of specific places and environments are intrinsic components of her work. They enable reflection on the relationship of creation to the common good, on the role of esthetics in understanding other perceptions of a damaged world. Her commitment to creation has been rewarded by the award of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Prize |USA| the Best of Lab art and sustainability 2012. Elise Morin has notably exhibited in France at the Centquatre, the Jeu de Paume, the Grand Palais, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the city of Bucharest, Moscow and the city of Tokyo.


03.02.2021 / Episode 3 

Andrey Bartenev  


Andrey Bartenev: painter, graphic artist, designer, fashion designer, author of several well-known sculptural performances, "Botanical Ballet," "The Snow Queen "," mineral water "," The Royal Family returns "," Hunting for the seal "in Manhattan Express and others.
Artist working in the genre of synthetic performance. Bartenev's works have been exhibited at the largest Russian and foreign museums, his works are in the best collections of modern art worldwide. Acted as a co-author projects with outstanding artists and filmmakers of our time, including Andrew Logan and Robert Wilson.


10.02.2021 / Episode 4 

Filippo Fabbri w/ Laurent Karst  

Composer, orchestrator, researcher, Filippo FABBRI conceives the sound universe of films, theatre plays, contemporary art installations and events by focusing on the relationship between sound, space, body and mind. Born in 1980, he obtained a Bachelor of Computer Engineering in 2002 and a Masters in Systems Engineering in 2005 at La Sapienza University in Rome. He is particularly interested in micro-nanosystems and intelligent materials, obtaining in 2009 a doctorate in applied physics at the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics of the École Polytechnique and, subsequently, a doctorate in Systems Engineering at the 'La Sapienza University in Rome. At the same time, he completed his piano studies, he studied musical composition and orchestration at the H. Berlioz Conservatory in Paris, and advanced music writing and composition techniques at CRR93 d'Aubervilliers.  

Laurent KARST is an architect/designer, graduated from the Strasbourg School of Architecture and the Domus Academy in Milan in industrial design. Winner of the Villa Médicis prize in 1995 for research on the use of industrial waste, he then worked in various international architectural firms, including the Jean Nouvel agency.

At the same time, he developed, in collaboration with the architect Serge Eloire, a series of sculptures immersed in the sea "Amphitrite I" and a monumental cybernetic urban sculpture project for the Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain "La Fontaine à vapeur du Gand Verre".


17.02.2021 / Episode 5 

Mathieu Pradat 


Based in Marseille, Mathieu Pradat inscribes his practice within the growing interaction between real and virtual worlds, seen as new territories for stories aiming to bear stories, knowledge and emotions. He explores various immersive interactive narrative forms. His works (The Roaming, Proxima, The Dog) have been selected and awarded throughout the world. Mathieu Pradat is CEO of La prairie productions. He teaches immersive narrative in various universities around the world including Montpellier-3 (France), UDLA (Ecuador) and is also a trainer in VR at La Fonderie de l’Image (France). Mathieu currently works on a PhD thesis in Ensad Lab, Spatial Media Group (PSL University France).


24.02.2021 / Episode 6 

Adelin Schweitzer


Born in 1978, Adelin Schweitzer lives and works in Marseille. He graduated in 2004 from the College of the Arts in Aix-en-Provence and pursued from there a polymorphic artist career at the crossroads between immersives performances, audiovisual experiments and new technologies. Adelin is part of a cutting edge artistic filiation of Rimini Protokoll, Tinguely, Marc Pauline from S.R.L or still Stelarc. Drawing from science-fiction imagery and cognitive sciences the artist designs over time the outlines of a singular forward-looking universe.


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