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Experimental animation
Lucas Horowitz «Data demon» (1).png
Людмила Смоляр «Маруська»  (5).png
Полина Комягина «обедненная реальность»
Вероника Калдаева Надин Абурашед Максим
Bisalieva Maria Krummenauer Pascalina Tu
Ашихмина Полина «The Symptom» (1).png

Lucas Horowitz
Data Demon

Some George Orwell 1984 vibes

Lyudmila Smolyar

The cat Maruska happily lives with her owners until one day a child appears in their home. The parents forget about the cat and then she decides to get rid of the child no matter what it takes.

Polina Komyagina
Depleted reality

“Depleted reality” is a non-narrative visual poem, which aesthetically refers to a nightmare or a psychedelic trip. The animation is made in the technique of cutout and moving collage.  All of the voices are computer-generated.

Polina Kamenetskaia
The Cat

After my cat passed away, I really needed a lot of time to accept it. This animation is my attempt to formulate my thoughts about death and the way I can deal with it. All the visual and sound images that appear are taken from my experience and are the result of this hard reflection about dying.

Veronika Kaldaeva, Nadin Aburashed
Open-heart surgery

Poetic adventure through the city, “on the edge of the cultural space”, which was put into one video sequence and one spring day, when the captured places become the dramatic scenes. Somewhere around the crossroad you do not know what you will lose, but at least you know what kind of power the city has over the imagination.

Maria Bisalieva, Pascalina Krummenauer, Funda Tufan, Malin Gutschank, Delia Krohmer, Henrike Büsser, Joshua Gundlach, Lucie Neumann, Eleonora Dieterichs, Felix Kramer, Tessi Cuko
Another Room Meeting

Social life takes place online during a global pandemic. Online meeting participants try out facefilters, eat breakfast, fight their sleepiness or try to log in. A variety of interiors appear in an ever changing constellation.

Polina Ashikhmina
The Symptom

My film demonstrates self-rejection with the help of Photoshop as a tool to remake ourselves. The desire of modern people to change their virtual image resembles schizophrenia. We are hiding behind filters, retouching and creating a beautiful picture that we want to match. Although, there is nothing more terrifying than the fact that we mold out of ourselves something «better» instead of being someone with whom we will be in love. The more progressive the world is, the more regressive is the positive perception of oneself as a person entitled to flaws. As a person whose flaws can actually be attractive in him, make him alive. Be, not seem to be.

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