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Experimental documentary
Алексей Климон «Исчезновение» (3).png
Артём Чередниченко «Доброволец» (7).png
Нану Тлисов «дай мне шанс» (5).png
Тамара Турилова «мы сегодня дома» (2).pn
Tonya Komarova «конечно!» (3).png
Мария Болгова «Гарнизон а» (1).png

Aleksey Klimon

The film consists of the author’s video observations shot during 2020. Under the influence of the pandemic, changes in society and the human body, “time segments” from the mobile phone’s archive take the shape of the new world.

Artem Cherednichenko

In his daily life Vladimir shoots commercials, TV-shows and MVs. Vladimir is a cameraman. But only on weekdays. When it’s a day off, Vladimir doesn’t go to the movies with his friends, doesn’t pick mushrooms in the Moscow suburbs and doesn’t play football. Vladimir is on duty in a volunteer rescue squad. The squad receives calls from the emergency hotline and bears responsibility for the actions, the only difference is that volunteer lifeguards don’t get any salary. Vladimir with his companions ride around Moscow in an emergency vehicle for the whole day and help strangers, animals and anyone who needs help. What makes him spend his weekends on saving others, what makes him a volunteer lifeguard? Let’s find out.

Nanu Tlisov
Give me a chance

The film’s director undergoes a heart surgery. When he is on the operating table, his whole life flashes before his eyes as a flashback.

Tamara Turilova
Today we are at home

Three high schoolers document their life during the pandemic lockdown. None of them thought that they would become even more nervous about their final exams because of the uncertainty, their friends would drift away and their prom would take place online.

Tonya Komarova
Konechno! (Of course!)

Yasha is 14, he lives in Novoperedelkino (Moscow suburb), loves to wear extraordinary outfits, play games with his younger sister and listen to vinyl records in his family collection. And he also sings in a band Zavodoy, which he named after his childhood toy. The band performs in festivals, shoots MVs and writes songs about punks, podcasts and instant noodles. The film “Konechno!” is about a young artist with an exceptional creativity, who just discovers the world of Moscow indie music. His childlike innocence doesn’t interfere with success, on the contrary, it serves as a source of limitless inspiration.

Maria Bolgova
Garnizon A

August 21, 2020, a military-historical reconstruction facility “Garnizon A”. Kids from a club “Paratrooper” set tents, prepare spears, and camouflage themselves in bushes. An old military march sounds in the distance…

Agnia Chepurina
First wave

Six students from different St.Petersburg universities sit in a psychoanalyst-ish room one by one, and talk about how they went through isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, what kind of changes have occurred in their minds and lives. The students while sitting in a chair share their anxiety because of the quarantine, and also speak about Covid’s influence on the world’s future.

Nicole Filmon
I left home

Watching an eight-year old boy, who builds a hut on a river’s shore. The poetic story of growing up.




Kate Shamshura
Other time

Viktor Sergeevich is an artist who restores the parsuns (portraits) of the great Lithuanian magnats. Most part of these portraits are sold out or lost. This is a tragic page in Belarusian history and unacceptable
to remember. Viktor Sergeevich is worried about the partially lost Belarusian culture, in particular the demolished historical centre of Minsk. Walking through the streets of Minsk, he always notices the "modern replica" and likes to remember how the city looked before the restructuring.

Adeeb Hadi
From N to G

A short dialogue on the concept of global citizenship. A concept that indicates at first glance that everyone who inhabits this earth belongs to it, but the film reveals to us the aspects of this concept and introduces us to its complexities.

Николь Филмон «я ушел из дома» (2).png
Adeeb Hadi «From N to G» (1).png
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