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Ангелина Султанаева «Умиротворение» (1).
Ангелина Султанаева «Умиротворение» (4).
Валерия Цыпленкова «Мне не больно» (5).p
Ольга Гурина «Свидетельство улитки».png
Emmanuel Dominguez «all i see» (2).png
Christina Danielyan «Woman» (5).png
Thea Josepha Konatsu Drechsler «The Orde
Andrey Butuzov «POAL - The Song I Only L
Vasilisa Boldysheva «Homework» (1).png
Елизавета Александрова «Ohne Titel» (2).

Angelina Sultanaeva



The story is about an internal peace of a person, who has a strong dislike towards dirt. One unfortunate day this dislike is transferred to a girl, whom he likes.


Dmitry Vetchinkin

Of memory and foresight


The loss of physicality and memory in the world of expropriated property. The film is about time travel in the one possible place – memory.


Valeria Tsyplenkova

It doesn’t hurt


The words are not enough to express your true feelings, but even if they do exist, they don’t help. Especially, if a person has experienced an emotional shock. Words can be painful and the very conversation about the pain becomes unbearable. The world around us speaks to us and reacts. One need only to take a closer look and learn the essence of your pain through space, nature and strangers. This is a dialogue of a person and the world bares the soul. The dialogue about exploring yourself through the pain.


Olga Gurina

The Snail’s Testimony


Somehow Lao Tzu, Procrustes and Elon Musk meet in one head. In this company there was also Georg Friedrich Handel, but he was expelled for the paranoid imposition of the "Sarabande". The result is a short film based on the true story of a heroic snail named Stewart. Stewart miraculously covered the distance from Montenegro to Ukraine, it was washed in a washing machine, after which it gave birth to at least eighty children. Observing Stewart and comprehending the plasticity of her own life, the author comes to the conclusion that “inaction” and “soft power” helped her tangibly transform and subjugate the “Procrustean bed”. US IT companies used the so-called "Warrant canary" to inform their clients that they were being monitored by the government by sending reports that indicated the time when they were not being monitored. Protesters in Belarus, in response to the violent actions of the authorities, made the protest a liquid flowing from courtyard to courtyard. They delay the payment of utilities and fines, do not buy goods produced by pro-government companies, at the same time they unite in courtyard chats and provide each other with services free of charge. These and other manifestations of "soft power" may not produce quick results and guarantee the protection of their supporters, but in the long term they may become a more solid foundation than violence and terror.


Emmanuel Dominguez

all i see


“all i see” is Ecuadorian-American director Emmanuel Dominguez's first celluloid-shot short. Capturing the entropy of physical media juxtaposed with digital reality and employing styles from abstract narrative to experimental, the film offers a return to the essence of the medium. light, death, life.


Christina Danielyan



Women of Armenia are under hidden pressure... Most of the girls are growing as someone’s future wife, so a girl doesn’t need education, she needs to choose everything that her parents want. But what they really want... The movement and the body will tell us. Film is about women’s passion, those who are dancing are connecting with art, which society accepts as a hobby not a profession. Most of the girls are fully addicted to their parents, and the film is about loving yourself through the art.


Thea Josepha Konatsu Drechsler

The Order of the Universe is Disorder


The Order of the Universe is Disorder' was sent to the artist from the underworld. As spirits are speaking, they remind us of how little we humans actually understand.

Kaleidoscopic images merge with an uncanny sound collage that predict the collapse of humanity. A militant lullaby in search of disorder.


Andrey Butuzov

POAL - The Song I Only Loving Interlude


Noise around. Lots of eyes. Pressure. Fear. The escape.


Vasilisa Boldysheva



Ironic reflection on happiness and self-determination.


Alexander Shibanov

Of course


This video was inspired by the Derek Jarman’s work “Will you dance with me?”, which had been filmed in a gay club in the East part of London in 1984. Jarman documented LGBT community before the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He showed the fragility of a human (which opposes the British conservativism in the Margaret Thatcher’s era and laws, which stigmatised the queer community), and focused on the body’s movement in dance. The feel of freedom became the crucial issue in the Jarmen’s film. And for my work, which was shot in a rave in St.Petersburg, this impulse is important. That’s why I draw a connection between Thatcher’s England and modern Russia, where the feeling of personal freedom (which results in punishment) becomes a revolution. 


Elizaveta Aleksandrova

Ohne Titel


This is a film about fatigue, vulnerability and emptiness of a space and of a person inside this space. For this piece I used recordings of street surveillance footage, taken during New Year's Eve in various Russian cities.


Julia Zhubanysheva



The film is based on a dialog of two women who got drunk after a hard day at work. The conversation leads them to the existential questions that cannot be solved neither for one February night, nor for the whole life.

Experimental video
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